I hope you enjoy me as much as I do.

Seriously you guys *-* I’m flattered

But I don’t use this blog anymore D: I don’t understand why people keep following it. Message me if you want my new one.


People keep following me on this

Message me for my new tumblr if you like!


Right, I’ll still check this occasionally but I’m moving my innermost thoughts to another blog.

Bye everyone! although to be honest if you are reading this and give a poopy then I’ll probably have followed you on my new tumblr, message me if I’ve left you out :]


New tumblr made, currently in the process of following my favourite blogs heho

Drink up, baby, stay up all night

With the things you could do, you won’t but you might

The potential you’ll be

That you’ll never see

The promises you’ll only make


Thinking about making a new tumblr…

Valentina Bardazzi

Ooh a lovely wave of new followers!

Nicely cheering me up after a bit of a poopy night at work.

One thing I learned, was that even after warning a friend of their imminent redundancy and getting landed in the shit for it (my boss found out I’d told her via a little bird) I would still do it again, because friends <3

In other news, hello new people :] enjoy the show.

One and a half weeks in to my wine making, it’s looking really good so far, I’ve been keeping it in the basement hoho

Tea-party on the decking yesterday with Ella, Grace and Mia

Imagine if every time you ate meat the animal would reform and come back alive inside you and you’d have to poop it out and then your house would be full of livestock wouldnt that be great

Probably only good picture of me from the con. Karkat Got Tiger. Dave hugged me and whispered &#8216;i want to have buttsex with you&#8217; in my ear.